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‘Yoga on the Bay’ at Mondrian Hotel Marlee’s with Green Tea Whiskey

Now into the first month of the New Year, many well intended are reevaluating their resolutions. Two of the most popular resolutions are 1) Exercising More and 2) Drinking Less. Miami being the trendsetting city it is, those who are fitness minded, but still want to ‘partake’ are turning to some new spirit products that keep their lifestyle in mind.

Every Sunday following the ‘Yoga on the Bay’ hosted by Green Monkey Yoga at the posh Mondrian Hotel, yogis are treated to refreshing Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey, a new, ready-to-drink Miami based spirit brand with a mild 14.9% abv. and infused with Gunpowder Green Tea. Green tea has been proven to lower cholesterol, assist with weight loss, and lower high blood pressure! Being embraced by the casual fitness community, Marlee’s has been popping up across South Florida at places like Fly Wheel, Green Monkey Yoga, Equinox Fitness, Anatomy 1220, Legacy Fit, Trio Yoga and more.