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SoulCycle is Going Out with a Bang for its 10 Year Anniversary

With 57 studios across the United States (and growing), SoulCycle has changed people’s relationship with exercise and has become the catalyst for the boutique fitness movement. SoulCycle is celebrating their 10-year anniversary on April 26 and is excited to announce what’s next with new, exciting initiatives to celebrate the big milestone.


  • During the week of April 25th, enjoy 'throwback themed rides' including your favorite his from 2006 (think Rihanna's 'SOS', Nelly Furtado's 'Promiscuous', Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back', Kanye West's ' Gold Digger')
  • "Click Into the Class on SoulCycle" - on April 26th in every location, enjoy a complimentary class on SoulCycle
  • Only the last class offered that day
  • Sign ups now open on Monday 4/25 at noon - Monday at noon as usual!
  • Champagne toast to be served at the end of the class


  • SoulCycle will launch a capsule collection of reinterpretations of the brand's greatest hits from the last ten years. The limited edition collection will launch on April 26, 2016 (the anniversary), and will be available in studios and online for 2 weeks


  • Any SoulCycle rider who has taken 10 classes or more at SoulCycle will receive a 'Soul Journey' - an interactive graphic that describes their individual SoulCycle history
  • The 'Soul Journey' graphic includes the following: 
  • Total number of rides
  • Region you've taken classes in/your "home" studio (where you've taken the most classes)
  • What day of the week you ride the most
  • Your year at SoulCycle (number of classes you've taken by month)
  • Your Soliversary (and the top things that happened that year!)
  • Your top instructors (includes % classes taken per instructor)
  • Custom Spotify playlist based on the top songs of your top instructors
  • Each rider will have access to their 'Soul Journey' on the SoulCycle website and will be a permanent feature