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Saffron Supper Club and Richard Hales Team Up for Al Fresco Dinner at The Wynwood Yard

The Wynwood Yard, a new hub of food and culture in Miami, is excited to host the first Saffron Supper Club dinner of 2016, on Sunday, 1/24 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Saffron Supper Club is a roving pop-up dinner club exploring the food and culture of the Middle East.

A vibrant al fresco feast showcasing this creative space, the dinner “Open Sesame", will focus on the wonderous Tahini (techina), or sesame seed paste, a staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. 

The event will consist of a multi-course family-style dinner featuring the talents of the food concepts at The Wynwood Yard, including Richard Hales (Dim Ssam a gogo), Shaddy Mzeghet (The Arabian Knife) and della test kitchen. 

"Open Sesame" menu:

·  Tahini duo: Garnet beet tahini with za'atar heirloom carrots and sabzi tahini with walnut and dates by Maude Eaton of Saffron Supper Club
·  Falafel + tabbouleh by Arabian Knife
·  Persian soup shooter/ash reshteh with crispy mint, onions and tart tahini drizzle along with saffron-scented ratatouille with olives, smokey paprika tahini and princess crown jeweled rice with golden tahdig crust by Maude Eaton of Saffron Supper Club
·  Deconstructed Mediterranean bowl with brown rice, chickpeas, sweet potato, marinated kale, raw roots, citrus tahini sauce and sweet potato hummus by della test kitchen
·  Cumin lamb chops with onion, Tianjin chili, cilantro aioli and sesame seeds by Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen/Dim Ssam a gogo. 

Reservations required. Dinner is $65 per person and can be purchased here