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FU Gallery Opens Its Doors in Little Haiti

With Art Basel just around the corner, FU Gallery’s Grand opening will take place on Wednesday, December 2nd. Valeria Fiñana and Miguel Ullivarri, the owners of FU Gallery, placed their bets on Little Haiti in order to bring to the community a gallery that’s inclusive, focused on the rich local culture and proud to feature homegrown and Latin-American artists. 

The opening exhibit will highlight the works of Mexican fine and graffiti artist Ciler.  This solo show, called “PONZOÑA,” is the second one he’s had in the U.S and prior to that his work has appeared in various galleries around the world including Barcelona, Italy, Mexico, London and New York City. Ciler’s unapologetic work is best known for the defacement and manipulation of existing images with an often-dark archaeological intent to unearth today’s dysfunctional society. His unique use of collages, paintings, drawings and installation work are filled with death, drama and violence. 

“We are very excited to have our opening night with an artist like Ciler, someone who will not only bring something different to the table, but will spark conversations around those who see his work,” said Miguel Ullivarri co-owner of FU Gallery. 

Many have insinuated that Little Haiti is the up-and-coming art district in Miami, similar to what Wynwood has become today. However, those that work and live there are focusing on enriching and strengthening the community and promoting the arts while honoring it’s unique local feel, something that FU Gallery is embracing. 

“Little Haiti is one of Miami’s little hidden gems, with a beautiful and vibrant culture that’s hard to ignore,” said Valeria Fiñana, co-owner of FU Gallery. “For us it was important to focus on bringing down-to-earth contemporary art of the greatest quality that would also be accessible to the community, unlike some of the work you see in other galleries in Miami.”

The gallery’s grand opening will take place Wednesday December 2nd at
8373 ne 2nd avenue, Miami, FL 33138 @ 7pm. The event will be open to the public.

For more information on FU Gallery visit: http://on.fb.me/1j8rjp1.