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Celebrate National Beer Day at Pisco y Nazca

The only thing better than an entire day dedicated to beer is a tasty dish to go perfectly with your beer selection. Pisco y Nazca’s skilled mixologist Joel Mesa has carefully curated the following food and beer pairings by selecting brews with flavors that complement the distinct Peruvian flavors found in four signature dishes:

1. Eat This: Passion Fruit Ceviche Drink This: Funky Buddha Floridian
Pairing Note from Mesa –
Where a Belgian style witbier would be a bit too acidic, the Funky Buddha Floridian shines. The banana and clove aromas in the beer complement the tropical tasting Passion Fruit Ceviche. Its palate-refreshing effervescence combined with the fresh flavors of passion fruit and fish could make anyone reminisce of paradise.

2. Eat This: Anticucho de Corazon Drink This: Wynwood Pops Porter
Pairing Note from Mesa –
Wynwood Pops Porter is the perfect beer for grilled meats. It has the ability to challenge the delightful sauces brushed onto the beef while leaving its own roasted, deep-caramel mark on your palate. A dish as rich and juicy as the Anticucho de Corazon requires an equally rich and intense beer to meet the mark and Wynwood Pops Porter does that perfectly.

3. Eat This: Chaufa Drink This: Fat Tire Amber Ale
Pairing Note from Mesa – 
Fat Tire Amber Ale is an amber ale ideal for the Chaufa.  Its malt flavors and hints of caramel create a synergy between the ale and the soy sauce, savory rice and vegetables in the dish. Adding tenderloin to the Chaufa only strengthens this combination making it all the more ideal and interesting.

4. Eat This: Choros Marineros Drink This: Ommegang Witte
Pairing Note from Mesa –
Ommeganag Witte is a thirst-quenching beer that matches the intensity of the Choros Marineros perfectly without overshadowing any flavors. The prominence of the Aji Amarillo contributes a unique Peruvian flavor and separates the Choros Marineros from most mussels’ dishes. Its slight spice requires a refreshingly and satisfyingly acidic beer like Ommegang Witte to cut through the heat.