What Sets Miami Crossfitters Apart From The Rest

RandoMiami, RandoListsKaty CoffieldComment

For almost three years now I have been crossfitting in Miami. I have had the opportunity to work out at some great boxes with some pretty awesome people (Crossfit Soul and Crossfit Hardcore South). In the past years I have also noticed that there are certain things that only pertain to people who Crossfit in Miami.

Let me know if there are any I may have missed!

1.     We can WOD even when there is 90% humidity and no AC. We will not die!

2.     During brunch with your girls or guys the conversation revolves around the acronyms WOD and AMRAP.

3.     You show up 10 minutes late to a WOD and the coach still lets you workout. The traffic is REALLY bad out there, you know.

4.     When you have to buy-in and buy-out with a 1 mile run you don't have to bring a hoodie and gloves.

5.     Your coach is super bilingual (i.e. show me your e-snatch).

6.     Every other weekend your box hosts a beach WOD.

7.     The girl next to you is wearing booty shorts to work out. Wait, you don’t?

8.     There are three types of gyms: the trendy box, the high quality box and then, of course, the box that copies the top performers.

9.     Community is what you create within your crew.

10.  When you go out with your girls instead of talking about the new Louboutin’s you bought at Neiman Marcus you are chatting about the newest Reebok Nano’s you just purchased.