The 5 Best Miami Foodies To Follow On Instagram

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If you haven’t noticed by now I love food. Even as a child my face would light up when I would think about the fact that lunch or dinner was just around the corner. Now that I have been really broadening my horizons as far as what food I try I really love following certain foodies on Instagram to drool over the food they are feasting on.

Check out the top foodie Instagramers I think you should follow to get your food fix (in no particular order):

1.    Miami Food Blog (@TheFoodieTeacher): Melissa is a self-confessed gastronome, broke school teacher, wannabe healthy chef, and an unapologetic glutton – who just wants to share her cooking with the world. Her blog and Instagram are filled with delicious foods that she has either cooked up in her own kitchen or is eating at a restaurant. 

Blog: http://thefoodieteacher.com/ 


2.    Mitch & Mel Take Miami (@MMTakeMiami): I really love following these two – one a native (Mel) and one a foreigner who has adopted our Miami language (Mitch). They blog about everything you could imagine eating here in Miami, and drinking, of course. 

Blog: http://mitchandmeltakemiami.com/ 


3.    Food & View (@Wanna_Fork): First of all you’ve gotta love the name, right? They post pictures that you will literally drool over. Like this one I am featuring here. From where to go for dinner with a view to the most scrumptious, finger licking places to go for desserts they’ve got you covered!

Blog: Coming soon! For now check out their Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wannaforkmiami 


4.    Thefoode_e (@thefood_e): This foodie Instagram was actually one of the first I followed because the photos are so enticing and almost seductive – they really make you want to try out that new restaurant, or that new dish you have never ventured to try. I am sure you will find a place or three you want to check out this summer.

Blog: http://thefood-e.com/ 


5.    You are what you drink (@MiamiCocktails): I know I said this was #foodie Instagrams, but who said that a cocktail shouldn't be a part of your everyday diet? You have to follow these guys. They give you the best of the best to try in the city of Miami. For those who like it sweet you have to try what they featured yesterday – Dylan’s cotton candy martini. Yum.

Blog: Nothing on this front – just make sure to follow their Instagram!