Sandwiches Get a Makeover at Halves & Wholes on Miami Beach

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Written by: Tyler Sminkey

Halves & Wholes is bringing the best subs you love from up north to Alton Rd. in a sandwich-shop style environment complete with subway tiles and hightop tables. These guys use only the best bread, they make amazing homemade chips in front of you and cover everything with the best secret sauces. 

You’ve probably seen a couple of these sandwiches as you’ve scrolled social media lately. We got the chance to try a couple of them for lunch recently and were blown away. We will definitely be back to try more very soon.

At $9 for a generous “half” of a sandwich, the signature Cheese Steak is a work of art on a sesame seed baguette topped with shaved rib eye, jalapeño jack whiz, provolone, sofrito and crispy onions. Meanwhile, the Eggplant Croqueta Preparada made us feel like we were cheating on one of those famous Cuban restaurants because it was just as good, if not better, than a regular croqueta preparada. It came smothered in melted Gruyere and topped with shaved pickle, fried onions and their house dijonaise sauce. TIP: Order extra of the dijonaise…like a lot extra.

The homemade chips are thick and crispy, served with a side of jalapeno cheese, plus every sandwich comes with their house slaw which was tangy and a perfect break in between inhaling the sandwiches. Forget footlongs, one of these halves is more than enough food.

Led by Menin Hospitality’s corporate culinary director, Chef Bernie Matz, Halves & Wholes showcases 12 Best signature sandwiches along with the option to build your own. Customers can create their own sandwich 7 days a week from 11 a.m. until 5 a.m. with roasted meats, artisanal cheeses and secret homemade sauces all layered on custom-baked bread that is shipped daily from the famous Delray Beach bakery, Old School.

Begin drooling by checking out Halves & Wholes on Yelp and Instagram.