Nikki Beach Introduces Us To The Eggs Benny Casserole

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Eggs Benny Casserole

Eggs Benny Casserole

Written by: Marcela Navarro

There’s nothing like spending Sunday afternoon soaking up that weekend hangover with a good ole’ plate of Eggs Benedict and French Toast… sometimes, even getting boozy again with mimosas – a genius cocktail that makes drinking at breakfast okay.

Let me introduce you to brunch at Nikki Beach – it’s anything but ordinary and everything you’d hope for from a Sunday Brunch. From 11AM to 4PM, Nikki Beach’s world famous brunch offers you beachfront dining that extends to the sand, lively music and most importantly a vast array of dishes and cooking stations. 


Head over to the omelet station for a special omelet made to your liking. Don’t leave without dessert – you’ll find the crepe station, French toast sticks and Nutella waffles only a few steps away. 


Feeling adventurous? Fear not, the creative mastermind behind this delectable brunch Chef Frank Ferreiro has something for you. Look no further than at the newest addition to the menu: Deconstructed Egg Benedict Casserole.  Chef Frank took one of America’s favorite breakfast dishes and, well, deconstructed it. The outcome? An explosion of rich flavor in every bite – unexpected at first glance. It's made of a Sous Vide style egg, broken biscuit, Chef’s signature Hollandaise sauce, baked in a terra-cotta cazuela dish served with either Serrano Ham Florentine style or with Salmon. A truly savory dish. 


Not really a breakfast person? Not to worry, Nikki Beach has something for you too - from whole roast pork and steaming paella stations to handmade pasta made to order on site and a sushi station with a crafty soy sauce fountain. For Nikki Beach, brunch means having something to satisfy every palate throughout the day. 


For only $42.95 per person, come early and come hungry! Enjoy breakfast in a chic environment then work your way to the beautiful white beach beds under the sun or take a dip in the ocean. Once you’re ready, head back to the buffet for seconds... or thirds. Stay for the party – remember, this is brunch… with a twist.