Learn How To Cook While Leading A Busy Life With Eleanor Hoh

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Almost everyone’s excuse when it comes to the question, “Why don’t you cook?” is usually, “I just don’t have time.” We all lead extremely busy lives, and I get it. How do you juggle a full-time job, leading a household, maybe a hobby, and at the same time cook at the end of it all? Well, Eleanor Hoh’s cooking class helps you with just that.

Throughout the three-hour cooking class Eleanor leads you through three easy dishes all using her wok, something I have never seen be used before other than in the back of a full blown restaurant’s kitchen! Her class focuses on cooking with no recipes, no measuring, and no calorie counting. It is all about using a few fresh ingredients, depending what is in season, and only four seasonings. It’s pretty spectacular, but once you see the four seasonings she uses for everything it will all make sense. Plus, these dishes will not take you more than 30-minutes, which I know no one has more than that to spend in the kitchen.

The coolest part about the entire cooking class is at the end she gives you the opportunity and the tools to be able to do it all on your own once you get back to your house. I know many people take a cooking class and forget everything the second they walk out the door. But, with the cooking roadmap and all the tools Eleanor gives you after the class in her Wok Star Kit you will be set for life!

So, stop eating so much take-out and learn how to cook like a Wok Star with Eleanor Hoh. Check out her website for more info on her technique and upcoming cooking classes.