How You Know You Grew Up In Miami

RandoMiami, RandoListsKaty CoffieldComment

If you grew up in Miami, like me, we all have a few similarities. I am not going to say we are all the same or we all experienced the same things growing up in the 305, but I can guarantee you will relate to a few of the points below.

1.     People say “ghetty” and you know exactly what they are talking about.

2.     Your weekend hangouts were Vagabond, Cameo or Mansion.

3.     The second the temperature hits 70 degrees you whip out those UGG boots.

4.     Everything was “bro,” “BFE,” and “what do you think of life”.

5.     You were very upset the day that Celia Cruz died. Que tragedia.

6.     You wore those Chinese slippers for a while. I know, gross.

7.     When a hurricane was coming that means there were tons of “hurricane” parties.

8.     You know the jingle to Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

9.     You used to go to Boomers for school field trips and friends birthday parties.

10.  Going to South Beach is ALWAYS considered a mission.

11.  Every other week your school would call an emergency drill because Fidel Castro died.

12.  And the first question you ask people when you meet them is, “Which high school did you go to?” Don’t act like you don't judge…