How You Know You Grew Up In A Cuban Family

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If you grew up in a Cuban family in Miami there are definitely some things we have in common. Whether you are now a high-profile attorney or you were top of your class at Yale we all know where we came from. And like mami always said, “No te olvides de donde viniste!”

1.     You are not allowed to shower when there is a thunderstorm.

2.     Walking around your house barefoot? Sucia.

3.     Smoking is bad. Well, unless it’s a cigar.

4.     You showed up at a family party where you were told their would be food and all you saw were pastelitos de guayaba and queso, and of course, bocaditos de jamón.


5.     You would go to La Carreta for breakfast on the weekends.

6.     During freshman year of high school every weekend you had a quince. Literally, every weekend.

7.     Picadillo was always served with a banana on the side. And, yes, I still do this.


8.     You started drinking coffee at a very young age – café con leche.

9.     You cried like a baby when Celia Cruz died.

10.  For the holidays people looked at you weird when you said you had pork and not turkey. Blasphemy!

11.  Every baby and toddler smelled like Royal Violets. I also have to admit that I have perfume from Prada that smells exactly the same…


12.  When you speak Spanish you tend to forget to pronounce the letter “s” no matter how hard you try.

13.  You know the poem “Cultiva una Rosa Blanca” by memory, still.

14.  Dominos was the game you played at every family gathering. What’s monopoly?

15.  You had to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to go back into the pool.

16.  And, last but not least, your favorite novela growing up was Luz Clarita. Please tell me you still remember the melody of the theme song.