9 Things To Expect At Ultra Music Festival

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Photo courtesy of: The 305.com

Photo courtesy of: The 305.com

The best time of the year has finally arrived, Ultra Music Festival. My favorite part of Ultra is not just because it’s a crazy three day, 24/7 party in Downtown Miami – my favorite part of this festival are the characters you find while you are there. What sort of people can you expect to find at Ultra? Allow me to enlighten you.

1.    You will run into that girl who has found a permanent seat on her boyfriend’s shoulder. No matter how many times you try to knock her down because you can’t get a clear view of the stage, she hangs on for dear life.

2.    How about the people who are constantly either video recording, instagraming, tweeting, facebooking, whatsapping the entire time? 

3.    You will definitely run into tons of spring breakers who have made their way from the tri-state area – totally equipped with a tan and heels. 

4.    You will say, “What is she wearing?” approximately 20 times.

5.    You may also think, “Is that a Halloween costume cause that girl is showing a lot of cleavage…”
6.    You will run into the morph suit people. These guys think it’s a great idea to where a full body suit in 85+ degree weather. Give the man some water! 

7.    You will see the Ultra logo everywhere – as tattoos, as stickers, as hairdos, you name it.
8.    A lot of star-spangled attire. Whether it’s a bikini, speedo, shirt, bandana, cape, hat, full body suit – it will be seen at Ultra. 

9.    You have finally made it back to your car, wherever you ended up finding parking, and as you are driving through the madness you encounter “zombies.” I don't mean real zombies, I mean those people that are just wandering the streets completely lost as to where they are.