8 Top Miami Dog Friendly Spots

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Kennedy Dog Park

Kennedy Dog Park

Not sure if you know, but I recently became a new dog owner. I have grown up with dogs all my life, but at the end of last year my husband and I adopted Riley from Destiny for Dogs up in West Palm Beach. Ever since we rescued him our lives have been forever changed, in a good way. The only issue we are running into now is finding dog friendly places in Miami – I thought maybe you may have the same issue, so I am here to help!

After doing some research and testing a few of these myself here is what I have come up with… 

For restaurants you should check out:

1.    My absolutely favorite spot to take my canine friends is Scotty’s Landing. When you walk in you are immediately greeted by their sign that says, “Well behaved dogs welcome.” So as long as your little, or big, guy doesn’t try to attack your neighbor for their dolphin sandwich and French fries then you should be all set. 

2.     GreenStreet Café is not only a great spot to pick up some delicious brunch and a mimosa, or three, but it’s also an awesome restaurant to take your furry babies. The coolest part is that everybody passes by this area when walking down Main Street, so you will be sure get in some great people watching too. Oh, and make sure to ask for a bowl of water for your dog!

3.    For those dogs who have more of an expensive taste then you should take them to Meat Market on Lincoln Road.  Their outside area is dog friendly, and I have also heard that Chef Sean Brasel has mentioned that they will serve beer to those dogs who are of drinking age…

4.    Shake Shack has to be the restaurant that offers the coolest menu items to dogs. When you go you could order a “Pooch-ini,” which is essentially a sundae, or a “Bag o’Bones,” which is a bag of biscuits for your canine.  

For dog parks you should check out:

5.    I am hoping you have all visited Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove, if not, then you must go. This is my favorite park period. You can leisurely  walk or run with your dog, or you can take him/her to the enclosed fenced area where they can check out the obstacles, or just run around with their new friends. My favorite part about this park is that A.C.’s Icee’s has a truck there with the best frozen lemonade you will ever have. Make sure to buy one on your way out.

6.    Now for those of you who are looking to take a little trip you should check out the dog park at Haulover Park off of Collins. The new 3.3-acre dog park features separate enclosures for small and large dogs to exercise off-leash, dog and people water fountains, and pooper scooper stations. There are also benches and doggie play equipment to keep your furry friend busy and happy.

7.    Now for those with a serious adventurous heart you could go mountain bike a bit and then take your dog to the park when you go to Amelia Earhart Dog Park. They have a separate area for small dogs, some exercise equipment if you need to get a little workout in, and some really nice gardens.

8.    For those of you who are in the South Beach area you should visit Washington Avenue Bark Park. This little gem is on the corner of 2nd Street and Washington Avenue, right across the street from Big Pink. Even though it’s on the smaller side for dog parks it’s really nice and they always keep it clean.