8 Signs You Have Run Into a Miami Private School Girl

RandoMiami, RandoListsKaty CoffieldComment

I have to start this conversation by saying I graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in South Miami (Go Bobcats!). For those of you who don’t know this is an all girls private school in Miami. Therefore, I must admit that many of the below relate to me as well.

1. You see her walking into her school with a Disney princess backpack (I had one with Tinker Bell - and yes, she is a princess!). 

2. You walk into her room and she has a wall displaying hundreds of bows – and no, they don't belong to her 5-year-old sister.


3. Everyone competes to have the best SAT/ACT tutor – regardless of the price.

4. She is showcasing approximately 20+ bracelets on one arm.


5. Everything is, “Super cute!” “Super late!” or “Super cool!”

6. She only dates Belen and Columbus boys. (FYI: I married a guy from Palm Beach - so I don't fall into this stereotype).


7. She either went to UM, FIU or Dade. Very rarely do we venture outside of the 305 zip code. Some of us did go to FSU and UF.

8. One of her most used phrases is, “What do you think of life?!” And, yes, I am guilty of saying this on several occasions.   


The best part is that many of these characteristics don't just go away after graduation. I have seen some older Lourdes’ girls still wearing a red bow every now and then. I can’t lie – I am always wearing a ton of bracelets. Don't judge me.