7 Things You Need to Know About Miami Slang

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We have made it to that time of the year where Miami’s streets are bustling with tourists – tourists that drive worse than Miamians, if you can even believe that. Anyways I am sure as soon as they get here and started listening to our conversations they feel like they have landed in another country. That is because in Miami we have our own dialect.

I decided to compile a list of the most used Miami slang for those tourists who want to learn a thing or two before they get to Miami, and for those Miamians that our looking for something to relate to. Dale.

1. Bro is a word that is used to address someone and is pretty much used on a daily basis in the MIA. Whether you are calling out your best homeboy, or simply your mother, we use it all the same.

2. Cafecito is definitely one of the top five most important words in the Miami dialect. When 4 o’ clock rolls around you are praying your co-worker stops by and says, “Cafecito time!” You will never see people run faster to the kitchen.

3. Casa de carajo has simply replaced BFE (butt-f*** Egypt), meaning really frickin’ far.

4. Chonga’s are where it’s at. If you are wearing hoop earrings, you used a ton of gel to get your hair into a tight ponytail, you are wearing lip liner, and you have your name on a gold necklace then my friend you are a chonga. 


5. Dale is probably one of the most used words. Right after Pitbull coined it everyone decided it was cool. It simply means, “do it” or “let’s go.”

6. Eating shit is by far my favorite phrase. A friend will ask me, “Hey, what are you up to?” And I simply respond, “Not much, just eating shit.” But, wait are you literally eating shit? No! It just means you aren’t doing anything of importance.

7. Being a pata sucia is not ok. It is never ok to walk around a public place without shoes. Ever.


I am hoping you learned a thing or three about Miami dialect. I am glad I could be of service. Bueno bro, hablamos.