7 Signs You Are At Miami Columbus Day Regatta

RandoMiami, RandoListsKaty Coffield1 Comment

We have finally made it to that infamous weekend we all know as the Columbus Day Regatta. Having gone to high school at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, or OLLA (go Bobcats!), I knew this weekend very well. I will start this conversation by saying that I never went. A little too ratchet for me…

Anyways, here are a few signs that indicate you are in the middle of this regatta madness.

1.       You find yourself thinking these phrases: complete chaos, that’s so ratchet and did I really just see that?

2.       You start at your friend’s boat then you float over to your cousin’s boat, then you end up on your cousin’s best friend’s boyfriend’s dad’s boat. Confused yet?

3.       If you are at the regatta that means you are sipping on a loaded Corona. What is that you ask? Step 1: Remove half of the beer from the glass. Step 2. Add vodka in its place. Step 3. Shake. Step 4. Drink up!


4.       Everything is DALE! Want a shot? DALE! Want a Coronita? DALE! Everything is game here. Everything.

5.       When you look around you are probably seeing girls dancing on the bow, or the front of the boat. You are probably also seeing people funnel beer, and possibly a girl fight. Please promise me that if you see a girl fight you will play Brooke Valentine’s “Girlfight” song in the background.

6.       You may also see people drinking watermelon infused vodka, straight out of the fruit.  


7.       Essentially the Columbus Day Regatta is like any other boat event times 10.

Did I miss anything? Make sure to add it in the comments!