7 Miami Coffee Houses To Get Your Caffeine Fix

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Let’s face it, it’s Wednesday so you probably need a serious pick me up to get you through the rest of the work week, and I am here to help you. I love coffee almost as much as I love food, and that’s a pretty serious thing. This means that I have been to a coffee shop or two in Miami, and I want to give you a few of my favorite spots that I think you should definitely check out this week.

Panther Coffee
*Click here for full list of locations

This is by far one of my favorite coffee shops in Miami. What you are ordering when you stop by any one of their locations is their cold brew. They are actually now distributing their coffee to several restaurants in Miami, that’s how good it is. Oh, and you should pair it with one of their backed goods – maybe a cookie!

Café Curuba
2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd. | Coral Gables, FL 33134

This café is pretty new to the Coral Gables, and there aren’t many like it in the area. You can stop by and pick up either a cold brew coffee, or a coffee that’s brewed to order – by either a clever or French press. And for those of you who liked tea try their Curuba Blend, which comes with rose petals, lemon myrtle, hibiscus, and ginger.

Café Demetrio
300 Alhambra Circle | Coral Gables, FL 33134

Did you know that Café Demetrio was Coral Gables first coffee house? The original concept when they opened the café was a place where poets, intellectuals, artists, and working citizens could spend the afternoon with a good cup of coffee – just like the 18th century. I personally like to order their lattes when I am here, so delicious. Oh, and you have to pair it with their homemade coffee cake.

Versailles Restaurant
3555 SW 8th St. | Miami, FL 33135

You know I had to add Versailles! I have been going to that “window” since I can remember with my dad. Here is where you are going to get the perfect Cuban coffee and cortadito (get it with evaporated milk). When you order your coffee you have to pair it with either a pastelito de guayaba y queso or a croqueta. 

Pasion del Cielo
*Click here for full list of locations

If you are looking for a place where you can get together with classmates and study for the big exam then this is your coffee spot. Pasion del Cielo also has several locations, and the one that is right in front of Dadeland Mall is pretty big and perfect for a meeting of the minds. The cool thing about Pasion is that you can taste coffees from several different countries – anything from Colombia to Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Nespresso Café 
1111 Lincoln Road Mall  | Miami Beach, FL 33139

Now if you are looking for a coffee house that is crazy fancy, but still offers really delicious coffee then you have to check out Nespresso. You can choose from 16 different crus with notes like spicy, floral, woody, malt, and honey. I would order a cappuccino, and maybe even check out their light fare menu.

Crossfit Soul Bulletproof Bar
2900 SW 69th Ct. | Miami, FL 33155

You are probably thinking, “Wait, this is a Crossfit gym, isn’t it?” And you are correct! This is actually where I have been working out for almost four years, and they have recently added a coffee bar to their awesome list of offerings. Besides being able to pick up a great post-workout smoothie you can also try Bulletproof coffee, which has Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee, MCT oil and Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed butter. You might think that combination is weird, but the idea is all these ingredients together help you feel lean, focused and energized throughout the day.