6 Spots You Must Visit This Year In Miami

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Abuela Maria ice cream from Azucar Ice Cream Company

Abuela Maria ice cream from Azucar Ice Cream Company

It’s still January so that means that 99.9% of us are still trying to be as productive as we can this New Year. This means we are still religiously going to the gym, eating healthy, making sure to stay in contact with friends, etc. Well, as you are putting together your list of to-do’s – places to eat and visit during 2015 – I want to help you out by giving you a few of my favorite places. These Miami spots are definitely worth the visit.

1.    If you have never been to Knaus Berry Farm then you are truly missing out on big things. What I am referencing to when I say big are their glorious cinnamon rolls. This place may be out in Homestead, but once you take that first bite out of that roll the you completely forget about the drive. 

2.    Since you are already in the area make at stop at Robert Is Here for the best milkshake you will have all year. They have everything from your strawberry to papaya banana, which is my personal favorite.

3.    Many people live in Miami, but have never taken the time to actually walk down Calle Ocho in Little Havana. I know that’s crazy, right? When you are walking down this historic street make a quick stop at Azucar Ice Cream Company and order the Abuela Maria ice cream. You won’t regret this decision. They also have a special flavor right now called Bourbon Buns, which is made with the cinnamon rolls from Knaus Berry Farm and bourbon!

4.    Have you ever actually walked or run down the boardwalk in Miami Beach? The boardwalk goes from about 46th street all the way down to 23rd, and it’s such an awesome view if you go during sunrise or sunset. Great location for the perfect #selfie!

5.    If you are looking for an awesome newly renovated bar to check out then you have to go visit my friends over at Ball & Chain in the heart of Little Havana. These guys not only have awesome music but they are serving up some pretty sweet cocktails and bar bites.

6.    If you are looking for some new restaurants to check out then I suggest you visit the following: Downtown Bistro, Buns & Buns, Riviera Focaccia Italiana, and Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Company. Just a few of my favorites, which you should add to your list.