6 Reasons Why I’m Absolutely Loving Flywheel Miami

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Photo courtesy of: Flywheel

Photo courtesy of: Flywheel

In order to keep up this lifestyle of constantly eating and trying out new restaurants I have to be conscious of my weight and health, and, therefore, exercise is a big part of my daily routine. My main form of exercise is Crossfit, and I have been with Crossfit Soul for 4 years. But, whenever I’m in need of a serious cardio workout my answer is always – spinning.

Here are a few reasons why you must start including Flywheel in your daily workout routine.

1.    The workout is truly about you. Even though you are surrounded by other people the instructor, the equipment and the music really help you create you own unique workout. Since everyone’s body is different and needs more work in different areas Flywheel’s program really helps you identify these weak points to make you stronger. 

2.    The class is over before you know it. The classes last either 45 or 60 minutes depending on when you go. But, I do have to tell you that between the motivating instructor and the music you are cooling down before you know it.

3.    Don’t worry about your personal space. I have to be honest, I have been to a few cycling studios here in Miami where they cram you into one room with 30 or more people, and personally that’s not too much fun for me. At Flywheel you get your own personal space, and you can move around as you please.

4.    The music is on point. In case you didn't know the instructors create their own playlists from a collection of music, which is carefully curated by their own in house DJ. The instructors also choreograph their own classes, syncing their rides to the beat, assuring a fresh ride every time. 

5.    Your ride is tailored to your performance. Each bike is equipped with a “tech-pack,” which is very unique to Flywheel. These screens display your resistance ("torq"), your speed (RPM's) and your power output (current and cumulative for the class). This allows you to know how you're performing at all times. If you're the competitive type, you may opt in to participate in their in-studio Torqboards - large-screen displays that occasionally flash leaderboards that show how you're performing.

6.    Make sure to take advantage of all the extras. The extras include your own locker, bike shoes, and towels. Plus, they have showers if you need to rush out to work.

So continue to eat good food, but also make sure to stay healthy!