5 South Florida Food Trucks You Have To Check Out

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Moty's Grill Food Truck

Moty's Grill Food Truck

Written by RandoMiami Contributor
Bianca Bahamondes

If you’re on the go and looking for a quick bite there are plenty of food trucks in South Florida you can swing by. Since there are so many food trucks driving around Miami, it would take a while to try each and every one of them. Luckily for us there are food truck parties!  On Mondays you can find plenty of food trucks lining the Arts Park in Hollywood, and on Tuesdays you can find more at Haulover Park. They usually have the same trucks from week to week, so it is definitely worth frequenting to taste of the trucks you just couldn’t make it to the first time around. 

Every food truck is unique and what they serve range from heavy burgers, to light salads, to all sorts of desserts. If you get the chance here are my top five trucks you should check out!

Monster Burgers (Can usually be found on Mondays at Art Park Hollywood from 5pm-9:30pm)

Don’t let the strange “monsters” on the truck scare you away. Not only do they make fully loaded burgers, but they also make a delicious Choridog which is essentially a Colombian sausage with mozzarella cheese, crushed up potato chips, and their special “monster sauce” (which you have to get on anything you decide to order). It may sound basic, but their French fries are necessary too. They’re hot, crispy, and not super greasy.

Moty’s Grill (Can usually be found on Tuesdays at Haulover Beach Park from 5pm-10pm)

Being that this is a Mediterranean food truck, I couldn’t pass up trying their Rolling Pita Pocket (which includes their handmade falafel). I’ve had falafel in different parts of the world and Moty’s Grill was nothing short of fabulous. The pita was a bit thicker than I normally like, but everything inside it was so fresh. The falafel was warm, crunchy on the outside and soft in the center, and the Israeli salad was refreshingly cold. Their portions are a good size too, so you won’t leave feeling unsatisfied.

Jefe’s Original Fish Tacos and Burgers (Can usually be found on Tuesdays at Haulover Beach Park from 5pm-10pm)

If you make it to Jefe’s food truck (which you should) you need to try their Ensenada Style Fish Taco. The name “Original Fish Tacos” isn’t just for show. The Ensenada Style tacos are made with Jefe’s “original beer batter crispy fish”, and they are perfection. Crispy but not over-fried, and the pico de gallo added to the fresh flavors. They even serve their tacos with extra tortillas, so you can eat the taco with a double layer, or make 4 smaller tacos to keep from everything falling out when you go for a bite (which is what I had to do).

Pizza Zilla (Can usually be found on Tuesdays at Haulover Beach Park from 5pm-10pm)

This truck caught my eye with their crazy pizza monster that has a cardboard, pizza box head and a body of melting cheese taking over a city skyline – an interesting concept that is pretty clever when you think about it. Their XXXL New York Style pizza slice is exactly that, extra, extra, extra large. It may seem pricey, but the massive size of each slice makes it more reasonable. I could barely finish my slice of pepperoni and black olives, but it was so cheesy and flavorful that I couldn’t help myself.

Hip POP (Can usually be found on Mondays at Art Park Hollywood from 5pm-9:30pm)

This food truck is incredibly innovative. Hip POP is a gelato bar on wheels but with a twist, they make customized ice cream popsicles. How it works is you choose a flavor of gelato, yogurt, or sorbet, then decide if you want it dipped in chocolate (half dipped and drizzled are options too). Once you’ve dipped it you can add any “poppings” (toppings) you want.  It’s fun to watch them put it all together and the popsicle form is a clever spin on the traditional ice cream presentation.

These food trucks are always on the move and doing different events throughout Miami, so if you can’t make it to the food truck parties in Hollywood or Haulover check their websites to see where they’re headed next!