5 Miami Restaurants You Wouldn’t Expect To Find In A Shopping Plaza

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Chef Adrianne's fried Gouda cheese

Chef Adrianne's fried Gouda cheese

In Miami we are blessed to have a very wide selection of restaurants to choose from. Whether you crave spicy Mexican or savory Peruvian food you will find a restaurant that can cater to your taste buds. Now, what about where these restaurants are located? Believe it or not, in my opinion, some of the best restaurants can actually be found in a shopping plaza.

11652 N Kendall Dr. | Miami, FL 33176

I have to tell you, Secreto is truly a hidden gem in Kendall. Having opened in 2009 they not only pride themselves in making true Italian cuisine with a Latin flair, but they also offer exceptional service. When you go to Secreto make sure you try their crispy crab cake for an appetizer, and ask what the catch of the day is.

Caffe Di Notte
9793 SW 72nd St. | Miami, FL 33173

Another Italian restaurant that is tucked away in a shopper plaza is Caffe Di Notte. They really have some delicious dishes. For example, the ravioli di aragosta, which is their homemade raviolis stuffed with shrimp, with a lobster sauce and baby shrimp on top. Plus, they have an executive lunch where you can order a soup or salad, an entrée (get the pear and blue cheese ravioli), and a dessert for only $13.95! This place gets packed, so make sure to call ahead for a reservation.

Chef Adrianne’s 
11510 SW 147th Ave. | Miami, FL 33196

If you have never visited my friend Chef Adrianne’s restaurant you are missing out. At her restaurant, Adrianne’s prides herself in putting together a menu that will truly take your taste buds for an unforgettable ride. Words cannot describe how incredibly tasty and delicious her Gouda fried cheese is, or her filet mignon which she serves with a Dijon sauce. Trust me, it is worth the drive. 

Giovanni's Ristorante 
8522 SW 8th St. | Miami, FL 33144

This restaurant is a mix of Italian with Argentinean. Right off of 8th Street, Giovanni's offers some great food in a very cozy and romantic environment. Personally, my favorite dish here is the combinacion Gauche, or Gauche combination, which comes with grilled chorizo, chicken breast, churrasco and their version of French fries. Oh, and make sure to order the provoleta Mamma Mia for your appetizer!

Salmon & Salmon
2907 NW 7th St. | Miami, FL 33125

In the heart of Miami lies one of the best Peruvian restaurants, Salmon & Salmon. With fresh food and ingredients you really can’t go wrong with what you order here. My recommendation is to try the lomo mariner, which is their version of lomo saltado, but besides just having meat it is also served with seafood.