13 Experiences You Have When Raised By Latinos

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Let’s be real. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, right? Growing up in Miami you were in class with Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Mexicans and the list goes on and on. That is something that I think makes Miami so cool – we all come from different cultures with different traditions, yet there may be a few similarities. 

See which experiences below you can relate to!

1.    After dinner the question is, “Who is making the cafecito?”


2.    When you are having a conversation with your mom and you tell her your central air conditioner isn’t working her answer is, “No te preocupes. I will get [insert name here] out there to help you out.” She has a handyman – for EVERYTHING.

3.    When you are invited to a party at your parent’s house and there are only 13 people in the kitchen yet it sounds like there are 50.

4.    Everyone has that family member that asks, “Are you eating enough? Te ves bien flaquita.” 


5.    When you introduce your new boyfriend or girlfriend and they find out he or she isn’t Catholic. Que tragedia. 

6.    In preparation for Christmas day everyone takes out their nacimientos. And there are probably more than one per household.

7.    That awkward moment when you’re skyping your boyfriend and your cleaning lady stops by to talk to him in Spanish. He is from Pennsylvania.

8.    You never, ever walk around the house barefoot.

9.    Vicks is the answer for everything.


10.  Every time you walked into class, came back to your parents house or showed up at a party, or “ghetty,” you had to make sure you gave everyone a kiss on the cheek or you would be seen as rude.

11.    If you don't know Walter Mercado or Don Francisco then there may be something wrong with you.


12.    You always had that Tia or Tio who brings up random stories from “their country” from centuries ago. Mind you – you have heard the same story at every family gathering.

13.    Whenever you call your mom to catch up she says, “Hold on let me pause my novela.” 

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