10 Slang Expressions Used By Cubans

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Even though my parents came from Cuba at a very young age I’d like to think they exposed my sister and me to many expressions only us Cubans use, and I am sure if you aren’t Cuban and live in Miami you have definitely heard some of these.

Read, laugh and enjoy!

1.     ¡Me tienes hasta el ultimo pelo! – Which literally translated means you have me up to the last hair. This basically means that you are driving that person crazy and they can’t take it anymore

2.     El golpe avisa. – My dad says this all the time. Let's say you are in a car and you are backing up someone might say this phrase to mean - when I feel the bump or a hit then I know I have to stop.

3.     Por si las moscas.This is one of my favorites. Its literal translation is “in case of the flies.” Gotta love that.

4.     La luz no le llega hasta el ultimo piso.This basically means that the person in question here isn’t very smart…

5.     Se ha formado un arroz con mango.A cluster you-know-what has formed.

6.     El niño tiene destemplanza. – The little boy has the fever before the fever.

7.     ¡Estas comiendo mierda! OR ¡Estas comiendo de lo que pica el pollo! – You are literally eating shit. You have no idea what’s going on.

8.     No es fácil.You hear this all the time from the older folk. Life isn’t easy mijitos.

9.     A mi no me importa tres pepinos. – You really don’t care. 

10.  Vamos a echar un pie. – Basically means you are going to dance until you drop.