10 Signs You Are A True Miamian

RandoMiami, RandoListsKaty CoffieldComment

Let’s be honest there are a ton of impostors out there that say they are from Miami. Oh I went to UM or FIU, so that must mean I am a true Miamian, right? Wrong! There are definitely a few experiences you have to go through to really be able to hold a conversation with someone and say, “I am from Miami!”

1.    You have been stuck in a complete gridlock on the Palmetto. 

2.    One of your favorite phrases is, “What do you think of life?” 

3.    You have survived a category 5 hurricane, and at the same time you have had hosted a killer hurricane party. 


4.    You have taken 4 highways to get to your final destination – you take 195, and get I-95 to get to the 836 and then finally you take the 826 (this is legit the story of my life).

5.    When someone speaks to you in Spanglish you know exactly what they are saying.

6.    You have been towed at least once. 


7.    You have gone to the beach and experienced the true ratchetness of South Beach. 

8.    You have experienced the craziness we call ULTRA. 

9.    You have been on a trip to visit a Gringo friend in another city and tried to kiss everyone on the cheek to say hello. This probably turned into a real awkward situation. 

10.    You have eaten an entire box of pastelitos by yourself. Possibly with a café con leche in your other hand