Katy Coffield, Founder


Who is this girl on the other side of RandoMiami who just loves documenting life in Miami, you ask? Well, hey, I am just your ordinary 20-something year old female who happens to be married, living in Miami, loves pugs and enjoys having a nice, cold Pepsi Max on a hot Miami day. I have had a love affair with food of all of my life. Ever since I can remember food has always brought a pretty big smile to my face, so I have decided to share my love of food with all of you. I am on a mission to bring you the best of the best in Miami. 

Mi casa es su casa. So welcome. 

Tyler Sminkey, Contributor


Originally from Vermont, I headed south to Miami for the warm weather, palm trees and the beach…more than a decade later and moves to many different parts of the city, this Vermonter lives like a local. Currently residing in the Downtown area, I enjoy spending time with my chocolate lab, Buddy, and finding delicious new places to try savory food and drinks. Side note: I’m almost always in the mood for tuna tartare, oysters and champagne. I look forward to sharing my culinary and cocktail experiences with you!

Katrina Vargas Vila, Contributor

Katrina wants to live in a world where wine has no calories, healthy pizza exists, and South African lobster is always readily available. Based in Miami, you can find her taking full advantage of the warm weather with her husband exploring their City. They visit local restaurants and plan their next adventure across the globe with a glass of wine in hand.

As Founder of The Leisureist, she inspires her readers to make the time to do the things that make them happiest. Her message values quality time with friends and family above all else. Her blog's mission has caught the attention of renowned restaurants, community leaders, and like minded influencers.