Super Cute in My Mercedes

There isn’t too much to say about this picture except an infamous Miami phrase…”SUPER CUTE!!” This may just be a famous Lourdes phrase (p.s. I did go to OLLA - Go Bobcats!).

In what other metropolitan city would a woman place fake eyelashes on her new Mercedes? Amazing I must say.

Where do you even purchase such a thing? Anyone have any idea? Think I might want to add this to my super cute Volkswagen. 

Keep our baños clean. Please y sank you.

I am loving the Spanglish on this sign. You can find it on the bathroom walls of Sergio’s Cuban Restaurant on Coral Way. You know how most of the time you go into a bathroom and there is a sign that says, “Employees must wash hands before returning to work” – well Sergio’s took this to another level. The Spanglish level.

Just remember that when you are throwing away paper please throw it out in the basura – please and sank you.


Who wants Papacito Ice Cream? ¡Yo sí!

Bueno, ¿quién quiere Papacito Ice Cream? I definitely want to try this. I ran into this truck parked on a side street off of Calle Ocho, of course.

There are a few things I want to point out before I leave you to this photo. First of all, I am loving the name of this ice cream truck. Papacito, dale. Second, did you notice how “Icees” was spelled as “Ices” instead? Lastly, this truck is from Brooklyn. Kind of random.

Did I mention they have a jingle? Enjoy – listen here.


Introducing the Cuban Popeye

Did you know that there is a Cuban Popeye somewhere out there in this world? On a little adventure I took I found this gem. If you take a quick look you will see several things – he is wearing a straw hat, he has his little botecito, his little pollito, and of course, his Cuban cigar (which I am hoping you didn't miss). Oh and did you see how our Cuban Popeye is definitely five shades darker than the original? Too funny.

Did I mention this Cuban Popeye was found in Little Havana? 

Cuban Popeye

Cuban Popeye

Original Popeye

Original Popeye

Rando Review: Azucar Ice Cream in Little Habana

Over the weekend I took a field trip over to my dad’s hood – La Pequeña Habana, or Little Habana. While I was walking around looking for content I stumbled upon quite the gem – Azucar Ice Cream.

The Azucar Ice Cream boutique was founded back in 2011 by Suzy Batlle. What sets Suzy’s ice cream shop apart from the rest is that all her ice cream flavors scream “sabor latino,” and whether you are Latino or not you will fall in love with her flavors.

What did I taste you ask? Well I had a scoop of the Cuatro Leches (Four Milks Cake), and a scoop of the famous Abuela Maria. When you visit Azcuar this is a must try. This ice cream includes delicious vanilla ice cream, with actual pieces of guava, cream cheese, and, of course, crunchy galletas Maria. A Cuban classic you just can’t miss.


Location: 1503 SW 8th St. | Miami, FL 33135




Suzy with her son.

Suzy with her son.


Featuring the Nalga Sucias from the Ultra Music Festival

As I am sure everyone in the world knew – this past weekend was the Ultra Music Festival in Downtown Miami and let me tell you there were several things that I am wishing I had never seen.

Below you will see a small snap shot of what went down this past weekend. We have everything from #nalgasucias (word coined by a friend of mine) to a school bus transporting people during the festival – I have got it all.

Enjoy my friends, and if you went to the festival I hope you don't end up like the last picture… 

Species for Dinner

Yup, you read that title right. Take a look at today’s picture. It is a snap shot of what you will find on a restaurants menu. As you read the menu you might find one small, itsy-bitsy problem. That is?

Go to the subhead that reads “Tradicional Arroz con Pollo a la Chorrera.” Take a look at the ingredients…yellow rice with chicken and species! That’s awkward. They better get their spell check in order, if not customers are going to be asking what that is all about…

The One and Only, Cuba

Did you know that there are over 100 different specialty plates you can choose from for license plates in the state of Florida? Now, did you ever wonder how many people thought and tried to get the words” Cuba” on their car plate? Probably tons. And, I might be one of them…

Check out today’s picture. Can you actually believe it? One of my readers found that one lucky guy who was able to get the words “Cuba” on his license plate!

Are there any other crazy license plates that you have seen? Anyone seen Miami on a Florida license plate?

Soy Balsero! ¿Y que?

I love a man who knows what he wants and who he is, and this man is definitely comfortable with both. A friend of mine ran in to this car the other day and I just had to share this with you.

In the Cuban community we are always saying things like, “Mira este balsero,” or “this guy came straight from the boat.” I love how this man doesn't care to scream it from the mountains, “Si, soy BALSERO, y que!"

Who let the banana hammocks out?

In case you didn't know spring arrived yesterday. Springtime in Miami marks the moment where all the ladies, and men, come out to play and take their talents to South Beach – for the tanning of course.

Feast your eyes on this guy. He is definitely ready for the hot weather that is coming our way. He even has his banana hammock on. You didn't know those were back in style? I think Valsan sells them.

Side note - not sure if you noticed the 12 inch cross he has hanging around his neck. Just wanted to point out that small detail.