3 Miami Yoga Studios You Should Check Out

I love working out – I love the adrenaline rush I get after I complete a WOD (workout of the day – a.k.a. Crossfit) or the release of endorphins after a really good run. The feeling that you can never shake off is the peace and serenity you feel after an hour and a half of yoga.

I have been practicing yoga for a few years, so I have been and experienced several studios in the Miami area. Even though I have been to many I definitely have my top three that I rotate around depending on the type of yoga practice I am looking for.

*IMPORTANT: For those men reading – yoga isn’t just for woman. That's a huge misconception that needs to be nicked. I have seen plenty of guys getting sweaty and really enjoying the stretch, so I highly recommend you try it. Oh, and you are allowed to grunt in a yoga studio too. Check out this Men's Fitness article that tells you why you should practice yoga.

Prana Yoga Miami
247 Malaga Ave. | Coral Gables, FL 33134

This is the studio I started at 5 years ago, and it is always the studio I fall back on. There is something very special and serene about this place. Prana has four rooms where different classes are held depending on your needs – restorative, vinyasa, and they even have prenatal. If you are in the Gables area then you need to check them out.

Photo courtesy of: Prana Yoga Miami

Photo courtesy of: Prana Yoga Miami

Bala Vinyasa Yoga
1430 S Dixie Hwy, Suite 116 | Coral Gables, FL 33146

For those of you who are looking for a serious challenge then Bala Vinyasa is your yoga studio. Their rooms are set to a temperature of over 100 degrees for an hour and a half of vinyasa flow yoga. It is guaranteed you will start to sweat this second you settle into your first downward facing dog (don’t know what this is – look it up!).

Photo courtesy of: Bala Vinyasa Yoga

Photo courtesy of: Bala Vinyasa Yoga

Skanda Yoga
1800 SW 1st Ave., Suite 102 | Miami, FL 33129

Skanda is my new go-to yoga studio now that I work in Brickell, and I have completely fallen in love. Even though I had been used to being in larger rooms this small, one-room studio really helps you stay grounded and focus on your yoga. I have taken a class with each of the teachers and they are all amazing. You are definitely in for a treat if you get either one of the co-owners – Lina or Ken. 

Photo courtesy of: Skanda Yoga

Photo courtesy of: Skanda Yoga

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7 Miami Happy Hours You Have To Try

Photo courtesy of: South Beach Magazine

Photo courtesy of: South Beach Magazine

Who doesn't love happy hours? They are the perfect excuse to tell your boss, “Hey, I really need to leave at six today…” I have put together a few of my new favorite happy hour hangouts that you should definitely try this week!

Bread + Butter
2330 Salzedo St. | Coral Gables, FL 33134

If you haven’t noticed I am totally loving this new spot in the Gables. For $3-5 every weekday from 5-7 p.m. you can get try things like the double-bacon frita, Hialeah-style warm peanut cones, and tostone tostadas. You can then pair this with half-priced beer and wine or, of course, their $3 “cocktail of the week.” 

Yard House
1601 Lenox Ave. | Miami Beach, FL 33133

I am sure you have had a beer or three at the Yard House in the Gables. The new location in South Beach starts its happy hour at 3 p.m. with half-off pizzas and appetizers plus craft pints and wells for $4.25, or half-yards for $7.50.

1211 Lincoln Rd. | Miami Beach, FL 33139

I know we all love to bring our furry friends everywhere, so check this out – at HuaHua’s from 4-7 p.m. Monday through Friday you can bring your dog and get $3 beers, $4 margaritas, and $1 off of their loaded nachos. 

The Federal
5132 Biscayne Blvd. | Miami, FL 33137

At The Federal from 5 – 7 p.m. you will get $5 snacks, like their maple BBQ bacon, Buffalo-style “pig wings,” and smoked-fish dip & chips. They also offer $3 craft beers and $5 specialty cocktails.

Orange Blossom
2000 Collins Ave. | Miami Beach, FL 33139

On their special happy hour menu they have their salmon tartar, margherita flatbread, mac & cheese, and much more for $6. You can also get $4 beers and $6 drinks.

15th and Vine
485 Brickell Ave. | Miami, FL 33131

If you are looking for a fancy happy hour with a fire pit then this is your spot. You can order $5 cocktail’s or wine and pair it with half-off cheese and charcuterie. 

Tongue & Cheek
431 Washington Ave. | Miami Beach, FL 33139

For their happy hour they are giving you their beef cheek sliders for $2, along with $5 hot or Korean wings, $5 draft beers, and $8 bar snacks and craft cocktails daily from 5-8 p.m.

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13 Experiences You Have When Raised By Latinos

Let’s be real. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, right? Growing up in Miami you were in class with Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Mexicans and the list goes on and on. That is something that I think makes Miami so cool – we all come from different cultures with different traditions, yet there may be a few similarities. 

See which experiences below you can relate to!

1.    After dinner the question is, “Who is making the cafecito?”


2.    When you are having a conversation with your mom and you tell her your central air conditioner isn’t working her answer is, “No te preocupes. I will get [insert name here] out there to help you out.” She has a handyman – for EVERYTHING.

3.    When you are invited to a party at your parent’s house and there are only 13 people in the kitchen yet it sounds like there are 50.

4.    Everyone has that family member that asks, “Are you eating enough? Te ves bien flaquita.” 


5.    When you introduce your new boyfriend or girlfriend and they find out he or she isn’t Catholic. Que tragedia. 

6.    In preparation for Christmas day everyone takes out their nacimientos. And there are probably more than one per household.

7.    That awkward moment when you’re skyping your boyfriend and your cleaning lady stops by to talk to him in Spanish. He is from Pennsylvania.

8.    You never, ever walk around the house barefoot.

9.    Vicks is the answer for everything.


10.  Every time you walked into class, came back to your parents house or showed up at a party, or “ghetty,” you had to make sure you gave everyone a kiss on the cheek or you would be seen as rude.

11.    If you don't know Walter Mercado or Don Francisco then there may be something wrong with you.


12.    You always had that Tia or Tio who brings up random stories from “their country” from centuries ago. Mind you – you have heard the same story at every family gathering.

13.    Whenever you call your mom to catch up she says, “Hold on let me pause my novela.” 

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5 Miami Landmarks to Visit During the Summer

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our crazy lives and we forget what a great city we live in. Not only is Miami filled with great food, but we also have some pretty cool landmarks. 

Before the excitement of summer fun dies down take a weekend to explore some new spots you haven’t visited, or maybe haven’t been to in a while. Honestly, I have to do the same! 

Little Havana & Calle Ocho
8th Street from 22nd until 8th
Walking down Calle Ocho is a treat within itself. There are so many things to see and people to meet while you’re walking down the street. A few stops you must make are to La Casa De Los Trucos (House of Costumes), the Cuban Memorial Plaza, El Pub for some Cuban coffee at their “window,” and lastly, you have to eat ice cream at Azucar. Read here for the full review on Azucar Ice Cream.



The Freedom Tower
600 Biscayne Blvd. | Miami, FL

The Freedom Tower is a National Historic Landmark in Miami that has a lot of emotional ties for many Cubans in the city. Built in 1925, it is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the southeastern United States with its main role being the immigration-processing center for thousands of Cuban refugees who arrived in the 1960’s. The Tower is now a part of the Miami Dade College campus and holds an exhibition that is free and open to the public.

Photo courtesy of: Latin American Studies

Photo courtesy of: Latin American Studies

David Kennedy Park
2200 S. Bayshore Drive | Coconut Grove, FL

Who doesn't love to wander around a park? I love Kennedy Park because it has everything you need for a fun filled day – beach volleyball, a running path around the park, dog park, and my favorite – A.C.’s Icee’s, which on a hot Miami day is pure heaven. 

Photo courtesy of: Miami and Beaches

Photo courtesy of: Miami and Beaches

The Kampong
4013 S Douglas Rd. | Miami, FL 

If you haven't visited The Kampong then you must. This tranquil garden, which used to be David Fairchild’s home, is filled with tropical fruit cultivars and trees and over 50 varieties of mango! The Kampong is not only for those studying plants or enthusiasts, but also for those who just want to wander around its gardens and making take a picnic with them.

Photo courtesy of: The Kampong

Photo courtesy of: The Kampong

Wynwood Walls
NW 2nd Ave. between 25th and 26th 

If you haven’t been to Wynwood Walls then you are missing out on a big piece of Miami. In 2009 the late Tony Goldman was looking for something to transform the warehouse district of Wynwood, and he arrived at the idea: “Wynwood’s large stock of warehouse buildings, all with no windows, would be my giant canvases to bring to them the greatest street art ever seen in one place.” And then the Wynwood Walls were born. While you are visiting make sure to eat at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar right by the walls. You’ll really enjoy it if you have never been!

Photo courtesy of: Goldman Properties

Photo courtesy of: Goldman Properties

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What To Eat During Miami Spice Month


This is by far my favorite time of the year. Miami Spice is a mouth-watering restaurant promotion that showcases the best cuisine Miami has to offer. From August 1 until September 30, restaurants are offering three-course meals featuring signature dishes that have been created by their world-renowned chefs at reduced prices. This means you can eat a delicious lunch for $23 or dinner for $39.

This is the time of the year where you take an extra hour or two for your lunch break and explore the different restaurants you haven’t been able to try during the year! See below for a few of my favorite spots that I think you should visit during these upcoming months. 

TK’s at the Villa Mayfair
What you are ordering:
pear and gorgonzola ravioli, roasted Cornish hen w/ garlic and cilantro, and Brazilian flan.
For the full menu: here

Tongue & Cheek
What you are ordering: watermelon & mango salad, roasted branzino, and salted pretzel ice cream
For the full menu: here

Toro Toro Restaurant
What you are ordering:
lomo saltado empanada, churrasco tasting, and la bomba for desert.
For the full menu: here 

A Fish Called Avalon
What you are ordering: bang band shrimp, macadamia-crusted snapper, and Chef Kal’s signature cheesecake.
For the full menu: here 

Essensia at the Palms
What you are ordering: Israeli quinoa salad, grilled natural flat iron steak with herb chimichurri, and coconut & lime semifreddo.    
For the full menu: here

What you are ordering:
steak & eggs tartare, black angus short rib pappardelle, and caramelized banana cake.
For the full menu: here

What you are ordering: creamy polenta, spaghetti, and coconut panna cotta.
For the full menu: here

L’echon Brasserie
What you are ordering: tarte de jambon, l’echon burger, and croissant au chocolat bread pudding.
For the full menu: here

Best Miami Neighborhoods for Dining and Nightlife


Miami is world famous for its golden beaches, crystal blue water and a warm climate all year round. The city also boasts a chic bar and lounge scene with many high-end apartment buildings. Miami nightlife is high energy with glamorous clubs, frequented by both Miami locals and celebrities.

Miami is geographically close to the Bahamas, Cuba and Dominican Republic, making it a melting pot of cultures offering a unique dining experience. With new and exciting restaurants constantly popping up throughout the city, Miami is quickly becoming a foodie’s paradise. 
For those looking to indulge and let loose year-round, Miami is the destination. Tourists and transplants should visit these five neighborhoods for popular and cultural experiences.

1.    Coral Gables
With more than 150 restaurants, Coral Gables offers a vast range of dining options. Coral Gables caters to any craving, with casual cafes and diners or more formal seafood restaurants and authentic Spanish tapas bars. Once dining is complete, keep the night going at quaint cocktail bars off Sunset Drive or dance at one of the Latin clubs.

2.    Little Havana
For the authentic tastes of Cuban dining, head to Little Havana. This neighborhood is a thriving immigrant community just three miles east of downtown Miami, but at the heart of Cuban culture. Sample the traditional taste and culture at one of the many local restaurants and cigar shops. Then, finish off the unique dining experience with an authentic Cuban coffee with plenty of sugar. For the best in Cuban nightlife, head to SW 8th Street, an area rich with live music clubs. 

3.    Brickell
The neighborhood of Brickell is a bustling business hub with flourishing residential streets. Brickell offers a more sophisticated dining and nightlife experience than Little Havana. Soak up the afternoon sun in this waterfront community and enjoy the view of the famous Miami skyline at one of the countless rooftop bars. For the best in decadent dining, head to the north end of Brickell Avenue. This area also boasts many chic cocktail bars perfect for starting the night in style.

4.    Wynwood
Wynwood is an art-centric neighborhood with chic nightlife including indie dining spots and eclectic bars. Hot spots include hidden bars with a trendy speakeasy vibe. Dining options are plentiful and vary from Cuban and Latin eateries to modern American diners. Grab a late night bite at one of the hipster restaurants or bars before partying at the numerous indoor/outdoor clubs. 

5.    Miami Beach
Those looking for a louder and livelier nightlife scene should head to Miami Beach. The Miami Beach strip offers infinite options from glamorous restaurants, cocktail bars and buzzing nightclubs open until the early hours of the morning. Popular spots in South Beach draw impressive lineups of musicians and popular DJs, often visited by A-lists celebrities. Recover in the morning over breakfast and mimosas at cafes along Collins Avenue in South Beach.

Miami is a cosmopolitan and aspirational city with so much to see and do. For those considering moving to Miami, be sure to complete research regarding neighborhood demographics, proximity to amenities and real estate affordability.

*Written in partnership with Zillow.com.


What To Do In Miami When It Rains

Now that we are in full-blown summer mode there will be days that are total washouts and you won’t be able to spend the day on the beach. So what is there to do in Miami when it rains? I have put together a list for you to keep on hand whenever you need some indoor activities! 

The Shops at Sunset Place
5701 Sunset Dr., Suite 202 | Miami, FL 33143

Who doesn't like to knock down some pins while sipping on a drink and wearing dorky bowling shoes? If you haven’t been to Splitsville then you have to check it out at least once. The cool thing about this place is that you won’t be munching on bowling alley food. Their food menu includes everything from tuna tataki to filet mignon for the big ballers. Every Tuesday you could bowl for $2 a game, per person, plus get $2 shoes from 4 p.m. to close!

Photo courtesy of: Splitsville Miami

Photo courtesy of: Splitsville Miami

Color Me Mine
The Shops at Sunset Place
5701 Sunset Dr. | Miami, FL 33143

I don't know about you but I am an arsty kinda girl. When you enter Color Me Mine you are greeted by tons of pottery that is ready to be painted. They have everything from ladybugs, plates, trays, vases, to little animals! And honestly, it is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. You pick the piece you want, pant it however you please, then you leave it there so they can fire it, and then you take it home. For adults they even have a night they call Diva Dish & Design where you get to paint while munching on cheese and chocolates!

Photo courtesy of: Blog - This is Bananas

Photo courtesy of: Blog - This is Bananas

Paragon Grove Movie Theater 
3015 Grand Ave., Suite 322 | Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Who doesn't love to go to the movies while it’s raining? My favorite theater is definitely the Paragon Grove Theater for multiple reasons. The first and most important reason is that you can chose your own seats, basically you could show up five minutes before your movie starts and you will still be able to sit in the seats you chose the hour before online. Oh, and they have Pepsi. I am a Pepsi kinda girl ;)

Photo courtesy of: City Buzz

Photo courtesy of: City Buzz

Coral Cliffs Indoor Rock Climbing 
3400 SW 26th Terr. #A4 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

Rock climbing is so much fun! Not only is it fun, it is also a great workout. When you get to Coral Cliffs for the first time they will set you up with an instructor to lead your though the basics of rock climbing before they let your run free in the gym. Once you are ready you can start exploring their 87 top-roped routes, 25 lead routes and then they have a few that are for the really advanced climbers. 

Photo courtesy of: Coral Cliffs

Photo courtesy of: Coral Cliffs

Books & Books
265 Aragon Ave. | Coral Gables, FL 33134

This bookstore is one of my favorites in Miami. Not only do they have a great selection of books to choose from, but also the atmosphere is awesome. The Books & Books in Coral Gables was built in 1927 and is listed as on of Coral Gables Historic Places. Besides having 9,000 square feet worth of books they also have authors that come and visit to talk about their books in a small and intimate setting. They also host reading groups, poetry groups, free workshops and lectures, and special events. To see which authors are visiting click here

Photo courtesy of: Books and Books

Photo courtesy of: Books and Books

Where to Watch the World Cup Finals in Miami


The time has finally arrived. Whether your team has already been eliminated or has made it to the finals I want to give you a list of the places you should check out to watch and celebrate the World Cup 2014 final.

Enjoy and may the best team win!

For those who are going for Germany…

Hofbräu Beerhall Miami
943 Lincoln Rd | Miami Beach, FL 33139

Hofbräu is the home base for many Germans. This is one of the few places that has legit authentic German cuisine and beer. They have imported draft brew from Munich (starting at $8.50 for a 17-oz slug) and Münchner weisswurste ($15). Perfection. Side note: This place gets really packed, and they don't take reservations so make sure to get there with ample time. 

Fritz and Franz Bierhaus
60 Merrick Way | Coral Gables, FL 33134

I love Fritz and Franz! Who doesn't love going for Oktoberfest? Well they obviously have a lot of ruckus going on for the Germany games, and why would the final be any different? They have plenty of TVs, delicious food, and beer! 

Schnitzel Haus Miami
1085 NE 79th St Causeway | Miami, FL 33138

Talk about authentic German food. If you haven’t been then you definitely need to try out this spot. They are offering a special German game menu and bottled beer. I am also positive their service will make you feel right at home.

For those who are going for Argentina…

7300 Collins Ave. | Miami Beach, FL 33141

This restaurant basically shut down Collins Avenue while they were celebrating their win against the Swiss. So let’s just say that there will be tons of Argentinians there representing so it might get a bit crazy. They will have a special with five Quillmes for $15. Side note: It's first come, first serve so get there will plenty of time!

Novecento Brickell
1414 Brickell Ave. | Miami 33131

You have to love Novecento. I just have to say that if you go out to this restaurant to watch the game, which by the way will be crazy packed, you have to eat their Ensalada Novecento. If you have never tried it all I will say is that it’s a salad with skirt steak and fries. That is all.

The 5 Best Miami Foodies To Follow On Instagram

If you haven’t noticed by now I love food. Even as a child my face would light up when I would think about the fact that lunch or dinner was just around the corner. Now that I have been really broadening my horizons as far as what food I try I really love following certain foodies on Instagram to drool over the food they are feasting on.

Check out the top foodie Instagramers I think you should follow to get your food fix (in no particular order):

1.    Miami Food Blog (@TheFoodieTeacher): Melissa is a self-confessed gastronome, broke school teacher, wannabe healthy chef, and an unapologetic glutton – who just wants to share her cooking with the world. Her blog and Instagram are filled with delicious foods that she has either cooked up in her own kitchen or is eating at a restaurant. 

Blog: http://thefoodieteacher.com/ 


2.    Mitch & Mel Take Miami (@MMTakeMiami): I really love following these two – one a native (Mel) and one a foreigner who has adopted our Miami language (Mitch). They blog about everything you could imagine eating here in Miami, and drinking, of course. 

Blog: http://mitchandmeltakemiami.com/ 


3.    Food & View (@Wanna_Fork): First of all you’ve gotta love the name, right? They post pictures that you will literally drool over. Like this one I am featuring here. From where to go for dinner with a view to the most scrumptious, finger licking places to go for desserts they’ve got you covered!

Blog: Coming soon! For now check out their Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wannaforkmiami 


4.    Thefoode_e (@thefood_e): This foodie Instagram was actually one of the first I followed because the photos are so enticing and almost seductive – they really make you want to try out that new restaurant, or that new dish you have never ventured to try. I am sure you will find a place or three you want to check out this summer.

Blog: http://thefood-e.com/ 


5.    You are what you drink (@MiamiCocktails): I know I said this was #foodie Instagrams, but who said that a cocktail shouldn't be a part of your everyday diet? You have to follow these guys. They give you the best of the best to try in the city of Miami. For those who like it sweet you have to try what they featured yesterday – Dylan’s cotton candy martini. Yum.

Blog: Nothing on this front – just make sure to follow their Instagram!


How You Know You Grew Up In Miami


If you grew up in Miami, like me, we all have a few similarities. I am not going to say we are all the same or we all experienced the same things growing up in the 305, but I can guarantee you will relate to a few of the points below.

1.     People say “ghetty” and you know exactly what they are talking about.

2.     Your weekend hangouts were Vagabond, Cameo or Mansion.

3.     The second the temperature hits 70 degrees you whip out those UGG boots.

4.     Everything was “bro,” “BFE,” and “what do you think of life”.

5.     You were very upset the day that Celia Cruz died. Que tragedia.

6.     You wore those Chinese slippers for a while. I know, gross.

7.     When a hurricane was coming that means there were tons of “hurricane” parties.

8.     You know the jingle to Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

9.     You used to go to Boomers for school field trips and friends birthday parties.

10.  Going to South Beach is ALWAYS considered a mission.

11.  Every other week your school would call an emergency drill because Fidel Castro died.

12.  And the first question you ask people when you meet them is, “Which high school did you go to?” Don’t act like you don't judge…

How To Relax During Miami Spa Month

Photo courtesy of: Kara on the Coast

Photo courtesy of: Kara on the Coast

My favorite month of the year is here. One reason being my birthday is this month. Whoo hoo! And most importantly it's Miami Spa Month! It is the perfect time to indulge and relax with rejuvenating spa treatments for as low as $99 at Miami’s premier spas. How can you say no? I take advantage of this every year.

You might be wondering which spas you should check out, and that’s what I am here for. I have put together my favorites spas for you to try this month. Relax and enjoy my friends!

*Unless otherwise mentioned these spa packages are $99.

One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa
Feature: Retreat for Two – Massage & Back Treatment

What I love about this spa is they are offering something special for couples. I have always wanted to go with my husband to do a couples massage, but have never found a good one until now! You can enjoy a full 75-minute massage and back treatment with your hubby – filled with warm stones, exfoliators, coconut oils, and antioxidants to restore vitality to your skin. You will leave completed rehydrated!

To reserve your spot and more details click here. 

Exhale at the Epic Residences + Hotel
Feature: Pure Manicure and Pedicure PLUS One-Month Mindbody Membership 

How amazing is this? With each of their spa month packages you can either get one, two or a full month of free Mindbody classes at their gym! So why not get pampered and massage your hands with ginger-infused lotion and be able to workout for a month for free? Where do I sign?

To reserve your spot and more details click here.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental 
Feature: Detoxifying Algae Wrap

This is way cool. This is a full body exfoliation that is performed with aromatherapy salt and oils. The algae envelopment is designed to comfortably raise the body’s temperature and induce perspiration to help eliminate toxins, for a refreshed you.

*This treatment is $129.99.

To reserve your spot and more details click here.

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach
Feature: Heavenly Radiance Facial

If you love facials you should check this one out. This facial is specifically designed to get your skin ready for the summer sun. It features their specially formulated Hydra-Enzyme Mask from Luzern, free of harmful preservatives and rich with enzymes, hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts, and Vitamin C. This facial will definitely leave you with noticeably softer and hydrated skin. Who wants that natural summer glow?

To reserve your spot and more details click here.

Lapis, the Spa at Fontainebleau
Feature: Aroma Stone Therapy Massage 

I absolutely love this spa. I go every single year without fail. My favorite massage is the Aroma Stone Therapy Message because they use these warm basalt lava stones and oils that really help with your circulation and help calm stressed muscles, which is really great for those with a crazy workout regime. The best part of this spa is the amenities though. See below for what else they can offer you while you are there.

Immersion mineral water jet bath: 104F degree water infused with vital nutrients to restore balance to the skin.
Elements rain tunnel: Multiple jets massage the body with streams of warm and cool water at varied strengths. 
Energy deluge shower: Jets cascade warm water over the entire body providing renewed energy and vitality. 
Bleau rain room: A calming blue haze envelopes the body as warm showers massage.
Eucalyptus infusion steam: A soothing steam bath relaxes muscles, cleanses skin and helps removes toxins. 
Essence mineral co-ed pool: Lapis’ 75 foot, multi-temperature jetted pool set at a comfortable 92F, treated minerals that help energize the body and soften skin.

To reserve your spot and more details click here.

Where To Celebrate Fourth of July In Miami

Photo courtesy of: Michael A. Pancier

Photo courtesy of: Michael A. Pancier

Everyone loves 4th of July, right? It’s a time to get together with our friends and family, drink a few beers, eat a few hotdogs, plus we get the day off from work! I have rounded up a few places you might want to check out. There are some options for those with families and others for those who want to rage all night. Take your pick. It's your choice! ‘Merica!

For those of you with families, or who just want to lay low… 

America’s Birthday Bash at Bayfront Park
The Bayside Ampitheatre
301 Biscayne Blvd. | Miami, FL 

Here the party starts at 2 p.m. with tons of food and live music. The highlight of the celebration, of course, are the fireworks that can be seen anywhere you are – they start at 9 p.m. The best part is that there is a free Kids’ Zone, and for the parents there is a Samuel Adams Beer Garden with refreshing beers to enjoy.

City of Miami Beach Fourth of July Celebration
8th Street and Ocean Drive | Miami Beach FL
Miami Beach always knows how to through down a great party, so what makes the 4th any different? They have one of the best fireworks displays in all of Miami. I have been before and even though it does get packed with locals and tourists it is worth it to watch the fireworks at least once from this location with a cocktail in hand. The festivities start at 7 p.m. and end with the fireworks at 9 p.m.

Make sure to check out your go-to summer cocktails here.

Key Biscayne Fourth of July Parade
Crandon Blvd. | Miami, FL
If you really like parades and floats then you should check out what Key Biscayne has going on. They have an every year tradition with floats, music and fireworks that begin at 11 a.m.

And for those who are a bit more adventurous and really want to experience a 4th of July Miami party check these places out…

1235 Washington Ave. | Miami Beach, FL
Mister party man himself will be gracing us with his presence at Mansion on Thursday, July 3rd with Apster. Tickets cost between $30 - $50. For more information visit here.

IndepenDANCE Pool Party
Raleigh Hotel
1775 Collins Ave. | Miami Beach, FL

I really love the Raleigh Hotel and there will be a huge party going on all day until 11 p.m. on July 4th to celebrate American’s independence day. Your host? Cedric Gervais with Michael Woods. If you want tickets to this party you have to purchase them here.

DJ Camilo and E Feezy’s Independence Day Weekend Yacht Party
4441 Collins Ave. | Miami Beach, FL
And for those that just want to go all out this 4th then you should check out the party that DJ Camilo is hosting on a yacht – tickets will cost you $100, but hey, it's a party of a lifetime, right?

What Sets Miami Crossfitters Apart From The Rest

For almost three years now I have been crossfitting in Miami. I have had the opportunity to work out at some great boxes with some pretty awesome people (Crossfit Soul and Crossfit Hardcore South). In the past years I have also noticed that there are certain things that only pertain to people who Crossfit in Miami.

Let me know if there are any I may have missed!

1.     We can WOD even when there is 90% humidity and no AC. We will not die!

2.     During brunch with your girls or guys the conversation revolves around the acronyms WOD and AMRAP.

3.     You show up 10 minutes late to a WOD and the coach still lets you workout. The traffic is REALLY bad out there, you know.

4.     When you have to buy-in and buy-out with a 1 mile run you don't have to bring a hoodie and gloves.

5.     Your coach is super bilingual (i.e. show me your e-snatch).

6.     Every other weekend your box hosts a beach WOD.

7.     The girl next to you is wearing booty shorts to work out. Wait, you don’t?

8.     There are three types of gyms: the trendy box, the high quality box and then, of course, the box that copies the top performers.

9.     Community is what you create within your crew.

10.  When you go out with your girls instead of talking about the new Louboutin’s you bought at Neiman Marcus you are chatting about the newest Reebok Nano’s you just purchased.


6 Fun Things To Do In Miami This Summer

Watch the World Cup

I know we are all excited about the World Cup, right? Even if you’re country isn’t playing there is so much energy and passion right now in this city surrounding the games you will be sure to enjoy and take part with your friends.

P.S. Here are some bars you can visit during “La Copa.”

Where To Watch The World Cup Games In Miami


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim

Who doesn't want to look at beautiful tanned models during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week? Every year the fashion community gets together at The Raleigh Hotel to watch what the swimsuit style will look like for next year. If anything this will make you hit the gym harder.

More info.


Biscayne National Park

I know you might have reserved an activity like snorkeling when you are out of town, let’s say in Key West. But why not in Miami? When you go to Biscayne National Park you can get into a 53-foot glass-bottom boat and a 45-foot diving and snorkeling catamaran and go on some pretty memorable adventures. Do something different this summer! 

More info.


Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Don’t get me wrong I love Miami Beach, I do live there you know, but sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle and this is definitely the place. The cool thing about this manmade beach is for a few dollars you can park the whole day and enjoy the water activities while spending time with family and friends at a low key location.

More info.


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Even if you live in Miami this is always a beautiful place to visit on a Sunday with a good book. This extraordinary European-inspired estate is filled with beautiful art and furniture, 10 acres of gardens on Biscayne Bay, a native forest, and a historic village. You could spend a whole day here and want to come back for more. I definitely suggest you bring your camera and a good book.

More info.


Homestead-Miami Speedway

If you have a need for speed this is your place. They have this day called “Fast Lane Friday” where you can compete against your friends, enemies or just random people down their 1/8-mile pit road. Legally, of course. All you need is a street-legal car, a valid driver’s license, proof of registration/insurance and you are set to go! Next date is July 11th!

More info.


What to Try During Coral Gables Restaurant Week

For those of you who didn't know it’s Coral Gables Restaurant Week until June 29th! The 7th Annual Coral Gables Restaurant Week presented by Bacardi USA allows you to try new restaurants and go back to your old favorites. The great thing about when you visit these restaurants is that they will offer you a pre-fixed menu with the greatest offerings for appetizer, entrée and dessert for a discounted prize.

So it’s simple. Choose a restaurant. Make a reservation. And enjoy some delicious food!

The Local Craft Food & Drink ($30)

150 Giralda Avenue 
(305) 648-5687

This neighborhood restaurant and bar in the heart of the Gables features handcrafted food, craft beer and yummy cocktails. You can’t go wrong.

Brie Sticks
Chili Wings
Kale Salad

Fish & Chips
Aussie Burger
Bangers and Mash

Krispy Kreme Bread & Butter Pudding
Nutella Chocolate Brownie


Swine Southern Table & Bar ($28)
2415 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
(786) 360-6433

You know I love Southern cooking, and Swine knows what they are doing. They will not only have their delicious food but also be offering their extensive bourbon collection, which features rare and limited editions, house infusions, as well as a cocktail menu.

Deviled Crab Hushpuppies

Pickled Celery, Smoked Trout Roe

Smoked Brisket Steak

Molasses Glaze, Stone Ground Grits, Pickled Corn and Cheddar Relish

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
Summer Berries, Cashew Graham Streusel, Mango Sorbe


Caffe Vialetto ($39)
4019 Le Jeune Road
(305) 446-5659

This restaurant offers and intimate setting, perfect for your Friday date night. With the menu they have planned for you I think you will have a difficult time choosing which plate to try!

Polenta Meatballs

Buffalo meatballs, ricotta cheese, tomato ragu over cheese polenta
Grilled Calamari 
Goat cheese cake, sweet chili, gorgonzola sauce
Snapper Fritters
Roasted garlic spinach sauce


Pear, Zucotti, or Gnocchi
Fish of the Day
Ask your server
Rolatini di Maiale
Pork loin, sundried tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella in a foie gras reduction with dry dates

Nutella Panacotta
Fresh Berries

Bailey’s Chantilly


Spritz of Coral Gables ($18)
2305 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
(305) 444-3388

Looking for a homey restaurant with some delicious food? This is your spot. They have pasta, pizza, salads, and the biggest calzones you have ever seen!

Mista Salad
Cesar Salad

Penne Alla Vodka with Chicken 
Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken
Margherita Pizza 
Diavola Pizza

Includes a glass of house red or white wine.


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar ($39.95)
2525 Ponce de Leon
(305) 569-7995

Indulge in a fine dining experience at Fleming’s! You will eat the finest aged prime beef and discover new tastes with their award-winning wine list, which features 100 wines by the glass.

Three Citrus Ceviche 

Fresh fish ceviche served with a plantain chip
Portobello & Spinach Salad 
Served in roasted garlic dressing

Petite Filet Mignon 

Their leanest most tender beef
Barbecue Scottish Salmon 
Slow roasted, mushroom salad, barbecue glaze
Double Breast of Chicken 
Roasted, white wine, mushroom leak and thyme sauce

Walnut Turtle Pie 
Chocolate piecrust baked in caramel and walnuts
Served with blueberry sauce and white chocolate shavings
Wild Berry Sorbet
Garnished with fresh seasonal berrie


For more information on participating restaurants in Coral Gables Restaurant Week visit here!

10 Slang Expressions Used By Cubans


Even though my parents came from Cuba at a very young age I’d like to think they exposed my sister and me to many expressions only us Cubans use, and I am sure if you aren’t Cuban and live in Miami you have definitely heard some of these.

Read, laugh and enjoy!

1.     ¡Me tienes hasta el ultimo pelo! – Which literally translated means you have me up to the last hair. This basically means that you are driving that person crazy and they can’t take it anymore

2.     El golpe avisa. – My dad says this all the time. Let's say you are in a car and you are backing up someone might say this phrase to mean - when I feel the bump or a hit then I know I have to stop.

3.     Por si las moscas.This is one of my favorites. Its literal translation is “in case of the flies.” Gotta love that.

4.     La luz no le llega hasta el ultimo piso.This basically means that the person in question here isn’t very smart…

5.     Se ha formado un arroz con mango.A cluster you-know-what has formed.

6.     El niño tiene destemplanza. – The little boy has the fever before the fever.

7.     ¡Estas comiendo mierda! OR ¡Estas comiendo de lo que pica el pollo! – You are literally eating shit. You have no idea what’s going on.

8.     No es fácil.You hear this all the time from the older folk. Life isn’t easy mijitos.

9.     A mi no me importa tres pepinos. – You really don’t care. 

10.  Vamos a echar un pie. – Basically means you are going to dance until you drop.

Where to Watch the World Cup Games in Miami


Unless you have been living under a rock you know that tomorrow the World Cup starts. The question now is where are you going to watch the opening ceremony and the games throughout the month long cup? Don’t worry. I have got you covered. See below for some of local spots to cheer on your country and show your pride!

Spots in Brickell:

15th & Vine Kitchen and Bar
485 Brickell Ave.
I am really loving the specials at this bar. Throughout the month of games you will be able to sample foods from the countries competing in the first stage. Plus their is a special World Cup menu with $5 drinks. How can you go wrong?

Batch Gastropub
30 SW 12th St.
I love this new spot. Batch has over 15 TVs for you to watch your game. Tomorrow they will have $4.50 16oz Coors, $5 Coronas, 5 for $20 buckets and $15 pitchers of Miller or Modelo. Plus empandas, arpeas and fish & chips specials. Super rico! 


Spot in Midtown:

The Butcher Shop
165 N.W. 23rd St.
I know you guys like to drink beer and eat sausages. Especially while you are watching a soccer game, right? The Butcher Shop will have half off all draft beers and liquors!


Spots in Miami Beach:

Burger & Beer Joint 
1766 Bay Road
During all games Burger & Beer will have a $20 bucket special of wings and beer. Plus they do have delicious burgers.

Fontainebleau Hotel
4441 Collins Ave.
The Fontainebleau never disappoints. There are several locations within the hotel where you can celebrate and party with your friends. At the Glow Bar & Arkadia Pool there will be viewing parties along with giveaways. At La C
ȏte you will be offered several signature cocktails while watching samba dancers. And Solo will be offering maracujá and passion fruit flavored gelato!


Spots in Coral Gables: 

Fritz and Franz Bierhaus 
60 Merrick Way
I know we all gather here for Oktoberfest. Well it is just as much fun to watch your team play in the World Cup. They will be featuring several dishes from the countries playing plus $5 beers.

Yard House 
320 San Lorenzo Ave.
Everyone loves to watch a game a the Yard House, right? They will have special World Cup drinks all for $9.75 during the festivities – citrus agave Caipirinhas, Brazilian Mai Tais and Rio de Janeiro cachacas, and more.


Spots in Coconut Grove:

Mr. Moe’s 
131 Commodore Plaza
At Mr. Moe’s they will have several things going on. $12 buckets of Miller Light or Coors, $15 buckets of Becks, Heineken or Corona, and $2.25 well drinks.

Sandbar Grill 
3064 Grand Ave.
You may remember Sandbar as your favorite college destination. During the World Cup they will have $3.75 bloody Mary’s and mimosas until 2 p.m. on game days.

Top South Florida Beaches to Visit

Who doesn't love to lounge around on a beach chair and listen to the waves hit the sand while you have a great summer book in one hand, and an ice cold drink in the other? Now that summer is quickly approaching and it has become perfect beach weather (with the exception of the smoke today) I want to share with you a few of my favorite summer beach spots that you have to visit this season.

Lummus Park in South Beach

Everyone has to visit the chaos known as South Beach – even if you just go for the people watching. You are sure to run into a supermodel, actor or even see a commercial being tapped. Anything can happen down here. And you will be probably see more than you bargain for. My only “consejo,” or advice, is that you show up really early to make sure you get a good parking spot. This place gets packed by 11 a.m.

10th St & Ocean Dr.

Miami Beach, FL 33139



Virginia Key Beach

I really love Virginia Key. If you are looking to feel completely secluded from the world then this is your beach. This is a beach where you can bring your kids and it will feel like your very own backyard. Did you know that back in the day this was the only segregated beach in Miami? As segregation ended less people came to this beach to enjoy it’s seclusion from the world. But now that it was recently restored more and more Miamians are taking advantage of this cool spot.

4020 Virginia Beach Drive

Miami, FL 33149



Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Back in the day if you weren’t spending Spring Break on South Beach then you are spending it here. Now it’s been restored to be more of a family destination with beautiful sand and great surf. The best part about this beach is you can bake in the sun for a few hours and then walk over to the promenade of shops, restaurants and sidewalk cafes. Again, this is definitely is a beach you need to get to early for the best parking.

7 Miles of beach starting at

State Rt. A1A and SW 17th Avenue

Ft. Lauderdale, FL



Key West

Now I know this isn’t right next-door but if you have never been to Key West then you have to make a trip this summer. The beaches are absolutely perfect for snorkeling, kayaking and even fishing. You can even take a romantic sunset cruise with your significant other. I recommend staying at the Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in the heart of Key West. You won't regret it.

Casa Marina Resort

1500 Reynolds St.

Key West, FL 33040



Sanibel Island

I absolutely love Sanibel. I have been visiting this island longer than I can even remember. This is the ideal location for a quick weekend getaway – it’s only about 2 hours away. What is so perfect about this island is that you don’t really need to leave it unless you want to grab a quick bite in Ft. Myers. You have everything you will ever need on the island – a grocery store, coffee shops, shopping strips, and, of course, a beach perfect for shell picking.

Sanibel Island, FL 33957



What To See During Miami Film Month

If you haven’t noticed each month in Miami is a special month. Last month was Miami Museum Month, June is Miami Film Month, July/August is Miami Spa Month, etc. This month it’s all about film and art cinemas. With the film industry growing so much among our community Greater Miami has become synonymous with spectacular art cinemas and unique film festivals.

I really love the special film tours that they only hold during June. It includes films shot and produced in Miami and a feature film showcased at different theaters throughout the month. When you get to each theater you will uncover where each film was shot while listening to a narrative. The film selected will then be shown at the end of the tour for your enjoyment.

Check out the theaters that are participating this year.

Coral Gables Art Cinema | Film: Paraíso

Date: Sunday, June 8th

Tour location and time: Bayside Marketplace, 11 a.m.

Your guides: Coral Gables Art Cinema Director Robert Rosenberg and "Paraíso" star Adrián Mas

Film synopsis - “Paraíso” is the final film in the Cuban Triology (along with “El Supér” and “Bitter Sugar”) from writer/director Leon Ichaso. A “balsero” (rafter) flees from Cuban dreams gone awry and lands in a Miami of no return where the desperation to change his life leads this "new man" to commit despicable acts. A controversial and subversive taste of an imagined freedom, “Paraíso” explores generational and class divides within the Cuban exile community seldom addressed in cinema. This movie without a country – part thriller, part drama, part existential romance – explodes with heart, color and music.

O Cinema, Wynwood | Films: The Beach Chronicles / Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists

Date: Saturday, June 14th

Tour location and time: Bayside Marketplace, 11 a.m.

Tour guides: Kevin Sharpley - The Beach Chronicles, Andrew Hevia - Rising Tides

“The Beach Chronicles” synopsis - The animated film "The Beach Chronicles" focuses on Dirk Jenson, a detective living and working on South Beach who is drawn into the biggest battle of all time--the battle for all existence. Part “Miami Vice,” “Blade Runner,” “Chinatown” and “Dune,” the film is a noir mystery thriller that spans all space and time. The film was an official selection at Miami International Film Festival & Fort Myers Beach Film Festival. It has been featured on the PBS program “Art Street,” as well as in the Miami New Times’ article, “The Beach Chronicles Gives South Beach a Neo-Noir Facelift” and the original screening was one of the Miami New Times’ must attend events for The Miami International Film Festival. For more information on the film please visit thebeachchronicles.com.

“Rising Tide: A story of Miami Artists” synopsis - A feature-length documentary produced, directed and edited by Andrew Hevia for WLRN-TV, “Rising Tide” is a story about six Miami artists during the weeks surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach, the world’s largest contemporary art fair. Using a combination of styles, the film explores the impact the art fair culture has had on Miami's growing art scene and what it means to be an art city.

Miami Beach Cinematheque | Film: Goldfinger

Date: Sunday, June 22nd

Tour location and time: Bayside Marketplace, 12 p.m.

Tour guide: Miami Beach Cinematheque Founder Dana Keith

Film Synopsis - ‘The’ quintessential Bond film to many film buffs, the film is a brilliant third entry in the iconic series. In this installment, Bond gets his Aston Martin, spars with two statuesque British beauties (Honor Blackman and Shirley Eaton) and pits his wits against a memorable villain, Auric Goldfinger. Add the first Shirley Bassey theme song and some exciting action sequences and the result is an explosive cocktail with signature Bond flair.

For more information on Miami Film Month visit here.

How You Know You Grew Up In A Cuban Family

If you grew up in a Cuban family in Miami there are definitely some things we have in common. Whether you are now a high-profile attorney or you were top of your class at Yale we all know where we came from. And like mami always said, “No te olvides de donde viniste!”

1.     You are not allowed to shower when there is a thunderstorm.

2.     Walking around your house barefoot? Sucia.

3.     Smoking is bad. Well, unless it’s a cigar.

4.     You showed up at a family party where you were told their would be food and all you saw were pastelitos de guayaba and queso, and of course, bocaditos de jamón.


5.     You would go to La Carreta for breakfast on the weekends.

6.     During freshman year of high school every weekend you had a quince. Literally, every weekend.

7.     Picadillo was always served with a banana on the side. And, yes, I still do this.


8.     You started drinking coffee at a very young age – café con leche.

9.     You cried like a baby when Celia Cruz died.

10.  For the holidays people looked at you weird when you said you had pork and not turkey. Blasphemy!

11.  Every baby and toddler smelled like Royal Violets. I also have to admit that I have perfume from Prada that smells exactly the same…


12.  When you speak Spanish you tend to forget to pronounce the letter “s” no matter how hard you try.

13.  You know the poem “Cultiva una Rosa Blanca” by memory, still.

14.  Dominos was the game you played at every family gathering. What’s monopoly?

15.  You had to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to go back into the pool.

16.  And, last but not least, your favorite novela growing up was Luz Clarita. Please tell me you still remember the melody of the theme song.