Celebrate Día Del Los Muertos with Clandestino Pub

“The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity. – Seneca

The Day of the Dead, or better known as ‘Día Del Los Muertos’, is celebrated on November 1st – All Souls Day. Even though you may think this is a sad holiday it is anything but that. It is a time to celebrate and honor those who have passed. And you know that here in Miami we are all about celebrating. 

Clandestino Pub in Miami Beach (voted the best bar in Miami Beach 2013) is going to have a pretty big party to celebrate the holiday. They are going to have back-to-back events for Halloween and ‘Día de los Muertos’ tonight and tomorrow starting at 6 p.m. 

Tonight they will have a back-from-the-grave concert starting at 10 p.m. Come dressed in your Halloween best, enter the costume contest, and stay to enjoy a live-music concert by The Bearing and Analog followed by DJ Goose Selektor. A perfect event to attend after you walk Lincoln Road. You know you are going to do that…

And then tomorrow they will celebrate ‘Dia de los Muertos’ by throwing their third annual event with calaveras, face-painting, free shots, an “ofrendas’ altar, and a concert by the Miami band Krisp that will start at 10 p.m. 

So put on your best calavera face and put together an‘ofrenda’ for the Clandestino ‘familiars’ and receive a free shot!

Clandestino Pub
758 Washington Ave | Miami Beach, FL
Facebook: @clandestinopubmiami
Twitter: @clandestinopub
Instagram: @clandestinopub

Clandestino_Pub_Dia_de los_Muertos

Piggy Banks and Swine Southern Table & Bar Are Taking Over Coral Gables

Photo courtesy of: The Coral Gables Foundation

Photo courtesy of: The Coral Gables Foundation

Since September 10th your childhood piggy banks have been taking over Coral Gables for The Piggy Bank Campaign! Coral Gables merchants each have their own piggy bank, which have been personally decorated by a Coral Gables Senior high school student.

The proceeds dropped into the piggy bank will be donated to a charity of the businesses choice, such as PARKnership Fund, Early Child Learning Fund, and many more. This is not only a great way to give back, but also a way to support local businesses.

What’s even better is every time you spot a piggy bank make sure to post a photo and use the hashtag #SpotThePigCG, and whoever posts a photo by November 10th will win a dinner for two at Swine Southern Table & Bar!

Led by community leaders, the Coral Gables Community Foundation provides the philanthropic conduit to connect individuals and corporations looking to positively impact the success of the community. For almost 25 years, The Foundation has been at the forefront of the evolving needs of Coral Gables while effectively bringing together beneficiaries and benefactors to fund programs with the greatest impact and benefit to "The City Beautiful."

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Miami PARK(ing) Day Has Arrived In Downtown Miami

PARK(ing) Day Miami 2013 Photo courtesy of: Urban Impact Lab

PARK(ing) Day Miami 2013

Photo courtesy of: Urban Impact Lab

Today is PARK(ing) Day! You might be wondering, “What is this thing I hear about PARK(ing) Day?” Well, let me tell you a little bit about this really cool day. PARK(ing) Day is an annual global event where citizens, activists and artists come together to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into public areas for the day.

PARK(ing) Day’s mission to is call attention to the need for more urban open space, to generate critical debate about how public space is used, and to also improve the quality or urban human habitat. Now, let me tell you – us Miamians know what it is like to live in a crammed space with not much wiggle room. 

This year one of the organizations behind it, Urban Impact Lab, has expanded the set up to 10 spaces around Downtown Miami. These areas include spaces like a giant collaborative poetry book, a game space, reading lounge, and even a mobile wifi spot for those of you who just want to lounge on your laptop while drinking an iced latte.

For more information and a map visit here.

See you guys out there!


PARK(ing) Day Facebook

PARK(ing) Day Twitter

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On-the-Go Miami Office

There are two main groups of people in Miami (don't get insulted) – the people who absolutely love to work and can't put down their Blackberry without sending “just one more email,” or the people who would rather be in a bathing suit lathered up in Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen on South Beach. 

This guy in the picture is definitely the first. I mean I have heard about people setting up shop in the bathrooms (reference: Bathroom Businessman SNL skit), but in your car? Isn’t that dangerous… 


Grilling on Memorial Day the Ghetto Fabulous Way

On this fine Memorial Day summer feels oh so close. I mean if you haven't noticed it is about 150 degrees outside and it isn’t going down any time soon.

Now I have a quick question for you. What do you think of when you hear the word summer? I think – yellow polka-dot bikinis, hot sand and, of course, setting up a bar-b-q on a shopping cart and grilling hamburgers and steaks. Wait, you don’t? This isn't what you are doing with your family today to celebrate Memorial Day? Bar-b-queuing on a shopping cart seems to be all the rage nowadays. Get with the program. 


an anodyne makes you feel good

The Looney of All Looney Tunes

A friend of mine had seen this truck several times parked around Coconut Grove while out with her friends. And then one morning while she was walking around her neighbored on a casually stroll with her Maltese minding her own business she runs into it again. Yes, you concluded correctly. They live in her neighborhood.  

If you take a close look at the car you will see several toys, stuffed animals, superheroes, even a kid playhouse. Creepy? I’ll let you determine that for yourself.

My favorite part is in the last image you will see a sign that reads, “Please feel free to take photos or video! Donations. Thank you all, Jay.” Only in Miami, right? 


Miami Summertime #Selfie Video

I am sure you have all listened to the song #Selfie from The Chainsmokers at least a million times. This song has really taken us by storm and is definitely our summer clubbing song of choice.

Let's cut to the chase - are you missing Ultra? I bring to you Summertime #Selfie from the Streets of Miami by Thump filmed right here in our hometown. It shows everything from beautiful tan bodies in bikinis to tons of #selfies – I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy, my friends!

7 Signs You Know You’re At The Miami Corporate Run

1.     You see a man selling cats. Yea you read that right. Last night there was a man at the corporate run walking around the tents swaying from side-to-side with two cats on either hand. Only in Miami, right?

2.     People just don’t move. Have you ever been running in a huge crowd of people and you’re moving in out and out of the crowd trying to move through the people? Well last night I definitely tripped over at least five people cause people just don't move. I don't understand. Just do it (Nike reference…).

3.     It’s all about the U. UM was highly represented amongst the crowd. There was even a homeless man eyeing the beer and wraps at our tent. Not creepy.


4.     There is a man running in an inflatable costume. So if I wasn't completely exhausted by the time I saw this guy I would have snapped a photo of him, but, honestly, I was dying.

5.     {C}Man running in a full suit. Yup. I don’t even know what else you say to that, other than, he must have been pretty hot.

6.     {C}Let’s drink! Only in Miami do you start playing beer pong and downing beers after running a 5k (don’t worry, I didn't…).



7.     Lastly, need light? Don’t worry, our tent has you covered. Ghetto style, but it’s all good.


Eccentric Easter Bunny Spotted in Miami Beach

If you grew up in Miami I am sure you took a few pictures with the Easter Bunny. Whether there was resistance or not I am positive you were forced to take a few pictures “para enseñar a la familia.”

Moving right along to the main photo in question – the eccentric Easter Bunny that was spotted in the only place where he would – Miami Beach, of course. This Bunny was really strutting his stuff wearing a rainbow like bathing suit and Easter Bunny ears to really bring his outfit together.

Bueno I really hope que lo pasaste bien ayer.